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When is Grad Night?

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

What Time is Check-In for Grad Night and Where Does It Take Place?

Check in is from 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm at LAHS in the front of the school.  Students must bring a photo ID to Check In (school ID or driver’s license). Students/parents will be directed to park/drop off in the back parking lot - the front parking lot will be closed to traffic in order to load the buses.  Although we will have roaming security guards at LAHS throughout the night we do not recommend leaving valuables in a car. The buses will leave for the venue as they are filled.

What Time Is the Party?

10:30 pm – 4:30 am. The buses will leave for the venue as they are filled. The Grad Night Committee recommends that parents drop seniors off and pick them up as they are very tired when they get back to the high school around 4:30 am.

Where Is Grad Night Being Held This Year?

Grad Night is being held at a super awesome, fun, safe off-site venue approximately 20 minutes away from LAHS. This year Grad Night activities will be taking place completely indoors.

What Do I Wear?

Dress attire is comfortable casual but we encourage Seniors to wear their Grad Night T-Shirt. Shoes need to be closed toed & flat such as tennis shoes.

What Can I bring?

Students may only bring to Check In their student ID/driver’s license (required), cell phone (optional), car/house keys (if needed), any required medicine or food, and a light jacket/sweater if wanted. No other items will be allowed – no exceptions. 


What Should I Not Bring?

Anything not listed above, including food, snacks, OTC medicine, drinks, money, purses, wallets, phone  chargers,  external  phone  chargers, hats or any other personal items. Students must leave their valuables at home! If you arrive at Check-In with any items not allowed into Grad Night they will need to be picked up by a parent, returned to your car or disposed of in one of the trash bins located near the Check-In area. No Exceptions!  We will have Chapstick, Kleenex, aspirin, Band Aids, and feminine hygiene products, and  a phone charging  station  available for student use at  any  time  at the venue.

Do I need to Bring Money?

Students do NOT need any money. Everything is included in the price of the ticket.  

Will I Be Searched?

Grad Night is a safe and sober event. School security protocol with be in effect, EVERYONE will be breathalyzed and searched at Check-In before being allowed on a bus. Any student in possession of or under the influence of either alcohol or drugs will NOT be allowed into Grad Night. No weapons, marijuana or smoking of any kind is permitted.

Can I Leave and Come Back?

Once Seniors have arrived at the party, they may NOT leave and/or re-enter.  Parents may pick up their student at any time, however Grad Night volunteers will try to encourage them to stay. If a Senior needs to leave Grad Night they will be directed to see the Nurse at the venue and the student’s parents will be called. Parents will be notified and required to pick up their Senior if they become ill and need to leave.

What are the Behavior Rules?

All volunteers have been asked to allow Seniors to enjoy their Grad Night without much interruption and guidance. However, Seniors are expected to follow the code of conduct outlined on the signed Ticket/Waiver Form, cooperate with the volunteers/security and display appropriate behavior.

What if I Don’t Show Up?

If a student has purchased a ticket and does not show up for Grad Night, parents will be called at the number provided on the Ticket Form. This is for the safety of the Senior. There have been incidents of unaware parents thinking their Senior was at Grad Night.


Are Refunds Available?

No refunds are available other than a $75 refund if requested by May 1, 2019.

Why is Grad Night not on the LAHS Campus This Year?

Due to a lack of enough volunteers at the end of the year (a notoriously busy time for all parents) and the difficulty in meeting school district insurance requirements, the Grad Night Committee made the decision last year to move Grad Night to an off-site location. Our hope is to make volunteering to be in charge of future Los Al Grad Nights a reasonable and sustainable endeavor.

How Can I Help Out Grad Night?

We need parent volunteers to help out at Check-In and at the venue. We also need prize or monetary donations or you can sign up to be a Grad Night Sponsor. We also have three Family Food Night fundraisers each year that you can participate in. For more information please go the Home page of this website and click on the appropriate tab. 

What Activities Will Be at Grad Night?

Grad Night is an all-night party with your fellow graduating Seniors which includes a hypnotist, magician, bowling, casino games, lots of prizes, video games, arcade games, DJ & dancing, tattoos, face art, crazy hair, photo booth, all night food and drinks, and so much more!! 

Should I Eat Dinner Before I Go to Grad Night?

There will be plenty of food, snacks, desserts,  coffee  &  drinks at Grad Night!! The Grad Night Committee suggests that Seniors eat dinner BEFORE  the graduation ceremonies.  There is not a lot of time between the end of graduation and Grad Night Check-In and it is difficult to squeeze in a  big dinner  between  Graduation  &  Grad  Night. It will have been a long day and we want all the Seniors to be prepared for a fun all-night celebration. Friday night after graduation is a great time to set up a celebratory dinner with friends and family.